Is this a reboot or a re-imagining of Melonpool?

A little of both. I liken this version of Melonpool to J.J. Abram’s re-imagining of Star Trek in 2009. The characters are all the same, but just a little skewed. The situations may be similar along the way, but I promise not to (intentionally) repeat gags.

Why reboot the series?

The original ten-year continuity was making it increasingly difficult to create new adventures. Additionally, it’s much easier to attract new readers with an all-new continuity, rather than having them sift through 10 years’ worth of comics to get up-to-date.

What happened to all the old strips?

The original Melonpool strips from 1996-2012 were removed from the site to avoid confusion with the new continuity. The original strips are still available in the Old School Melonpool books available in the store.

Can everyone hear Sam’s thoughts?

Everyone can “hear” Sam’s thoughts. He’s a strong sender but can’t read people’s minds. He moves his mouth in synch with his telepathy so people will know who’s talking. Without moving lips, people think they’re just hearing voices.

Sam’s crewmates and friends don’t even give this a second thought, but for people who aren’t used to it, they usually just dismiss Sam as a dumb animal and pretend like they haven’t heard him. Or they freak out and faint. Even when they do know he’s able to communicate, most people just dismiss his often-sound advice because he’s a dog.

The Old strip shared universes with It’s Walky and Zortic. Does the new continuity still share universes with these strips?

Maybe. Since both of those strips have rebooted (as Dumbing gf Age and the Zortic reboot, maybe all of the rebooted strips are part of a new continuity. I guess I’ll have to discuss that with David Willis and Mark Mekkes.

What about the movie?

The movie’s still trudging along, despite a few setbacks. I wasn’t expecting to have as many personal setbacks over the last two years. Back on track now, though! Updates on the film can be found on the Melonpool: The Motion Picture site.