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Good News, Bad News
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  1. Marscaleb

    I love the free coffee bit!

    But I must admit, this feels a bit convoluted… I don’t really feel like Melonpool knows what he is doing. Ralphie’s creation ought to be an accident.

  2. Marcus

    What. I’m confused ?

    I thought you said that you weren’t going to retread into the previous strips given that this was a new universe ?

    So what makes this time any different than last time ?

  3. Jeremy

    I honestly thought he was going to try duplicating a smarter version of himself …

  4. I feel like I could get out my old 3-d glasses, look at the middle picture of Ralph, and see him in full depth. It’s a great effect. No matter how he gets there, Ralphie is a good member of the ensemble.

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  1. I’m a fan of Patreon. I think I’m currently supporting about 15 different awesome things there. I also hear from my other creator friends that they’re really cool to work with from the business side.

  2. I’m about half done getting my site up. I think I finally cracked how to get he old strips in a format that will work on there and still not take up all my time policing. I wanted to get Patreon up and running at the start of this storyline, but there’s a lot of juggling going on right now behind the scenes. My main focus is not to miss any updates — and so far I haven’t for almost 200 strips (the 200th strip since the update posts on April 22)!

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