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Wrong Turn at Albuquerque?
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  1. Craig L

    Well, when I was 5 years old, my family moved from Cleveland to Los Angeles, driving on Route 66 (when it still existed) via Albuquerque. Over 40 years later, I finally left the L.A. area and went up the coast to a nice little place a few miles from Pismo Beach. So you might say it took me longer to get here than Bugs, and maybe as long as Old Ralphie here…

  2. Pablo Atristain

    Looks like your new schedule made all of us April’s fools.

  3. Not intentionally. I’m desperately trying to find work so I don’t get evicted. Trying to get an update done for Sunday.

  4. Pablo Atristain

    Don’t pressure yourself, Steve. I know that putting food in the plate is more important now.

    BTW Feed that dog! It’s only skin and bones! 😉

  5. I just ordered Vol. 7 of Old School Melonpool. I hope it helps a little. Believe me, I can relate all too keenly to your financial woes, and they’re much the same reason that my own comic’s update schedule has faltered. A year and a half ago, I had to move in with family, losing my apartment of 12 years. Best of luck. We’re all pulling for you.

  6. SomeOldGuy

    Any wo9rd on the job search?

  7. I just started working again today. I have a long road back to being financially stable, but at least I’m bringing in income enough to stay in my apartment. My plan is to get the strip going again this weekend. I have a couple of Sundays written but haven;t really had the time or resources to draw them up (Bristol Board and ink costs money, unfortunately).

  8. Pablo Atristain

    Great news! And just in time For May the 4th and National Cartoonist’s Day. Congratulitons x 3!

  9. SilyLilly

    Hi. :3 I just got caught up and might I say that I really like this comic. I hope that things work out soon so that you can get back to updating. Anyway until then adieu!

  10. I’ve been working at coming back very soon — I was going to start updating today (7/17) but knew that only having a couple of strips in the queue was a recipe for disaster. I did finally find a job a couple of months ago so O’m almost back in track financially — but between having a 40-hour work week and tons of freelance and launching another run of Alien vs. Musical in Hollywood I haven’t had a lot of time for comicking. I’ll work to maybe get the site updating again by the end of July!

  11. SomeOldGuy

    Steve, near end of September. Any word on your return? Looking forward to more of this great strip.

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