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Turning the other Cheek
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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Looks like Ralphie is less of a sockpuppet in this version of the Melonverse… me like! 😀

  3. Beware of the quiet ones..

  4. Karis

    Chaotic Good – Sometimes good means smacking you in the face.

  5. ShadeTail

    I’m not sure I should ask this, but how’s the writer’s block coming along? 😀

  6. melonpool

    It’s over — swamped with work and the Musical. I should be able to finish up this story tonight and get back to regular updates again next week. The good news is, I have plenty of ideas now — just not enough hours in the day!

  7. something something hiatus something?

  8. I have every intention of coming back regularly this week — so much has happened this last month that I wasn’t prepared for and it’s made the comic difficult to find time for. In short — Erik and my musical has taken off like gangbusters and has been extended now three times. Also, a tree fell on my car on June 8 and I have to deal with insurance and finding a new car — all of which was finally taken care of today (7/13). It’s hard to keep drawing when you don’t have a car to buy art supplies!

  9. Marscaleb

    What madness is this where we have Bloom County again, but no Melonpool?

  10. I know! The good news is that I’m back at the drawing board and have a few strips drawn — I just haven’t posted them yet because I’ve been so busy with the musical and the car repairs (oh yeah — a tree fell on my car), that I haven;t gotten enough of a backlog yet to start up again. Soon though — very soon. My life seems to be balancing out again!

  11. Steven Fisher

    Looking forward to it, Steve. :)

  12. Consider my breath bated.

  13. Waiting is so hard…

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