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The New Normal
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    We can only dream of doing time travel without anything going wrong in the present XD

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    Pablo Atristain

    Something tells me he didn’t follow the proper protocol… droid.

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    Pablo Atristain

    Well, looks like nothing Bates his hopes… until now…

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    Pablo Atristain

    Is it just me or every time Steve’s explore time travel, the comic goes into hiatus?

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    This is not really a time travel story — I had some freelance come in and had to take it.

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    Pablo Atristain

    Understood, it’s great to know you’re doing some money doing what you like.
    But, he just went back in time and back to the future, Great Scott!

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    Mike H

    Gotta be careful with those freelance projects. Ya don’t want the FREELANCE POLICE AFTER YA!!!!…..i miss them too…

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    Pablo Atristain

    May the 4th be With You All!

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    So, uh, are you OK Mr. Troop? No word at all for more than 2 years. I’ve even looked on the rest of social media and you seem silent. Are you still working on something, whether Melonpool or otherwise?

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    So…………….. this is done then??? Too bad it was a good strip.

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    Still alive. I’ve been mainly posting stuff to Instagram. I pretty much hadn’t drawn much of anything for about five years and started drawing a new strip called @sittillysit about my dog. I really need to do something with Melonpool — if only to have something better than this strip as the first thing people see as my body of work.

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