Hi all!

It looks like the holidays are upon us, and as a result, Melonpool — The Comic has come to a screeching halt! But fear not! I plan at least one more update before the end of 2011 and the weekly strip will be back in one form or another in January 2012! We have to count down to the end of the Mayan Calendar some way — might as well be with regular Melonpool updates!

In other news, I’m finishing up work on TUM VI (believe it or not). I planned on having it ready for Christmas, but most likely it will have to be pushed back to Stevemas (January 24th). At least with no regular comic to work on, I have a little bit of time.

See you soon!


Discussion (5)¬

  1. avatar Bar Tender says:

    … Well, it’s near the end of March 2012… Still planning on continuing the comic at all?

  2. avatar Steve Troop says:

    Yes. I have a couple of ideas, but unfortunately, I’ve been super busy for the last few weeks. I can;t give an exact date for when Melonpool will come back, but it will be soon!

  3. I just reread through book 6 online and I’d love to shell out some money for a copy of my very own. How’s that all proceeding? Are you still planning on printing it? Good luck with everything you’re working on!


  4. avatar Steve Troop says:

    It’s pretty much done. All I have to do is finish coloring the cover and write the introduction. Every year around November, I think I should finish it so people could have it in time for Christmas, but then realize it’s too late. Then, in about May, I think I should get it done for Comic-Con, but that’s too late as well. Maybe I should just finish it so the 200 or so people that are waiting for it can actually buy it!

  5. I’m definitely on that list! You’ll get no arguments from me. :)

    Thanks for the response!